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My name is Rick Schwartz. In some circles I am known as the "Webfather" in other circles I am known as the "Domain King" but in all circles I am known as Rick Schwartz and what you are about to read resides on my blog, RicksBlog.com. But I wanted a bigger more universal soapbox with lots of cross traffic from all corners. So I opened up HallofShame.com to put a spotlight on some very bad behavior, by some very big companies, in the hope it will get noticed and put an end to this disgusting practice .

What is Reverse Domain Name Hijacking?

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is when an person or entity tries to steal a domain name from the rightful and legal owner by claiming Trademark Infringement and/or Bad Faith among other fabrications in order to get a governing panel to award them the domain name. In lay terms, they are folks too cheap to pay the owner and so they abuse the process and try to steal or hijack the domain name that they have no rights to whatsoever. Panels may find that they are guilty of this practice and not only deny their claim but find that the over reach is in deed Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. (RDNH). At HallofShame.com we expose these people, companies and the attorneys that represent them and sometimes aid and abet!

Why is Reverse Domain Name Hijacking bad for my business or my bosses?

First of all if you have anything to do with Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and you do permanent and irreparable damage to the company you work for or represent, how long do you think you will be working there? You will see what it means to be labeled a "Reverse Domain Name Hijacker". It ain't pretty. The facts speak for themselves. If you put the reputation of your company on the line, be prepared for the fallout. Don't say you did not know as you resort to lies and thinking you are cute by registering trademarks long after the domain was registered.

See that act is premeditated from where I sit. It's not an honest difference or honest disagreement where you need a 3rd party to make a ruling. It is an act that involved abusing the system and in each decision it clearly spells out how each abused the system and many times the facts via fabrications or whatever. Some decisions are quite harsh by any standard. So read the Saveme.com decision, the Procter and Gamble decision and the Jaguar/Landrover decision. Look at the language the panels used. Insert your name, your companies name, your attorney's name. If you don't think that has life changing ramifications, then you don't have a chance in this new century. This conviction will follow you and you will own it and have to deal with it and believe me, I don't want that to happen to you.

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